Foster Fairness

Children Need a Lawyer

Please Call Florida’s Constitutional Revision Commissioners To Urge Their Support of Proposal 40

The message can be simple: "Please Support Proposal 40 because all of Florida's Foster Children need their own lawyer."

Talking Points

  • Foster children need lawyers because they have serious liberty interests at stake and only a lawyer can ensure they get due process.
  • Children deserve the best practice approach which is to have both a lawyer and a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem.
  • It is the right thing to do, the Legislature can always fine tune the implementation of a constitutional amendment.
  • The cost of providing lawyers is outweighed by the savings. Independent proposal 40 analysis shows a net positive fiscal impact. It will require approximately $20 million in additional expenditures to provide counsel to the 90% of children who are currently without counsel. The state will save approximately $39 million in reduced payments for licensed out-of-home care. Moreover, the state can anticipate additional long-term savings to the state in areas such as child welfare, social services, health care, education and criminal justice.
  • A constitutional amendment is the best way to protect children's constitutional rights.

Call List

You Must Call before Midnight on Wednesday, January 24th

Sponsor: Belinda Keiser (954) 609-5265

First CRC Committee - Declaration of Rights